Intuitive Heart Reading

During the session I tune into your heart center and allow it to share energetically what is or has happened within it. Different aspects of your heart are shared through my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. With the help of angels, guides, elementals, ancestors, spirit animals, and more, that information is shared intuitively to help bring relief to your heart energetically.

At times stagnant energy can remain in our auric field from previous interactions with different people. All types of relationships in our lives can affect our hearts in different ways whether they be romantic, platonic, with our family, or friends. Sometimes unknowingly we've held on to energies that are no longer are serving us. There are many reasons as to why we do this, but I have found that with some of previous client's one reason tends to be the belief that doing so is protecting oneself from hurt on any level. With the help of the angels, reiki energy, and energy work techniques I go in with your consent and remove these energetic debris. Some of the debris are shown to me as etheric cords, weapons, smoke, obstructions, and more.

Every heart in this world has gone through different up and downs and it is my intention to create a safe and supportive space for those who are ready to release what is no longer serving their heart. While also helping create more space energetically to allow more of what will breathe in uplifting energies of love and support into it. If this offering speaks to you, below is the link to book your session today. I look forward to connecting and sharing my gifts with you.

Session Details

This service is offered online only.

Session Length options are 30 or 60 minutes.

Please be sure to arrive on time to your appointment and to also be seated in a comfortable position where you are not distracted by any outside forces. Intuitive messages will be delivered during this session with the energy work to support your heart chakra as well.

“The heart is not only the location of the 4th chakra, located at the center of your chakra system but also the center of your conscious universe and can create and define life in its true essence.”

- Steven Redhead