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My name is Lissie, but I go by Lizzie. Long story short my mom has an accent, and the nurse heard what she heard and wrote down s's instead of z's. I was born and raised in the little big city of Fresno California. Growing up in a household where energy was a big thing even though it wasn't expressed in the new age terms of today, you can say energy and spirit have always been a part of my life. As a child my mother would share her wisdom and experiences in passing about energies. Whether it was the feelings in a room she felt, visions she had in dreams, certain interactions with others, and her internal knowingness her sharing those nuggets of golden information with me helped me see life differently. Even my grandmother would always say be careful of what you allow in your home, as certain unwanted beings can enter, when you allow for things filled with fear be the home. Today I can step back and see that I was always being taught by the woman in my family that there was more to life than what we only see with our eyes. My curiosity as child fueled my fascination for past lives, crystals, magic, science, and anything that was part of nature and the supernatural as well. All those subjects continue to be a part of my interests to this day.

As I was going through the growing pains of being a teenager, I had some very interesting events start to happen to me. There were a few times I would hear classical music play in my head, to the point that my ears were burning. Normally it would only happen for a few minutes or so and then disappear, but there was this one day it went on for over an hour and I literally freaked out. To the point that I cried to myself to sleep because I thought I was going crazy, but I didn't share this with my family for the fear of being seen as unwell or not normal. Though I grew up in a home where certain things were talked about this was one of the things that was not taught to me by my family. So, I continued to just try to act like what I thought to be normal was at that time. Little did I know this was my clairaudience gift coming in big time.

Fast forward and I'm in 20's, where the deprogramming of old ways begins in ways I never could have imagined, and these new energies start coming in to support the shifts I am undergoing. Other clair gifts slowly started to come online for me. I started to explore energy work because I wanted answers and also because I started to gain an awareness of who I was and not what I thought I was. A big shift happened to me when I came across the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Which then led me seek the help of a medium and after that session I started to practice yoga and meditation. Then one thing led to another and my thirst and wanting of knowledge grew to the point that I was acquiring books, taking online courses about energy, workomg with oracle cards, and started to establish an intentional connection with my guides, angels, and ancestors. Little did I know I was calling in the energies of change big time with these actions.

Now in to my early 30's my Saturn return hit and it shifted so much for me. I finally took the leap and signed up for the reiki course I had been thinking about for like a year. Through the reiki attunements I was opened up even more and with the experiences I underwent I gained a deeper understanding of energy. Which again expanded that lesson of there is more than meets the eye to this life. As I practiced on friends and family, I realized that what I thought were just normal things I did turned out to be my greatest gifts that had always been within me but were activated more the moment I let go of the fear and conditioning that held me back.

As someone who has gone through so many shifts, experiences, and the breaking of unhealthy cycles within myself, and family, I continue to do this work knowing within my heart that I was put on this earth to help guide others. My passion is to help others to gain the clarity and relief they need to be able to move through life feeling more grounded in their truth and soul light. That you are not alone in the waves of emotions and the shifts that life has a way of continuously having us go through on multiple levels. So, if my story has touched your heart in anyway, or if you feel like we are a vibrational match below are the links to my services and booking page. I welcome you to follow me on my life path journey via the social media links below and hopefully in the near future a podcast to share my fractal line energy with you all. I truly look forward to interacting with you, thank you for taking the time to read my story and to just connect with me on an energetic heart level.

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