My name is Lizzie, and I am so honored to have you here today. Whether you are here to explore the range of services and experiences I offer or simply to get a feel for what I do, welcome! I am here to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

It is always a pleasure to connect with individuals who souls call has led them to me and are opening up to their own light. I am a true believer that change is a constant in our lives. It not only happens within but on a grander scale as well. In a world that is constantly changing, sharing my gifts, knowledge, and wisdom to help others navigate through change with more ease and flow is a passion of mine.

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Spark The Heartz
Spark The Heartz

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"Love is a necessary food we all need, not only for ourselves, but for the good of our families, the balance of our nation and the stability of the world as a whole."

- Marcel Vogel