To understand what a crystal therapy session is, I just want to give some background information on the creator of the Vogel crystals, Marcel Vogel. Marcel was an engineer, scientist, and a spiritual man that believed in the power of love and God. He worked for IBM for over 27 years where because of his work with liquid crystals, liquid crystal screens exist in monitors, phones, and so much more. Like other great minds he was inspired by different events in his life. One instance was through a vision shown regarding the Talmudic Tree of Life in geometric form. He jotted down these dimensions and began to expand his work with crystals in a new way and thus creating the first Vogel crystal cut. After developing a method through the mediums of breath work, mediation, and intentions he was able to use the Vogel crystals to help himself, people, plants, and so much more.

Through his continued research he was able to determine that crystals hold information and could be programmed with intention to help clear and bring in supportive energies that are integrated into body. These energies come into the body and expand beyond just the physical aspect. Thus, this type of session is geared towards allowing yourself to see what no longer is serving you in all areas of your life in order to bring the uplifting and supportive energies to guide you forward through life.

Before your session starts, we sit down for a few minutes and have a brief conversation about where you are in life, to get a clear understanding of what you would like to release and call in energetically as well. Then the Vogel crystal is cleared and programmed specifically to your needs. So, coming into the session with an open heart, mind, and clear desires help call in the supportive frequencies even more. If this sounds like something that is calling to your soul, then take this as a sign to move forward with what your heart has attracted you to. There is a reason you're here reading this today. Trust the calling of your soul.

"Denial of negative emotions leads to withdrawal from reality. It is your responsibility to go to negative pain and clear it up. If you hold negative emotions, you project that energy."

- Marcel Vogel

Session Details

Currently offered in person sessions only

Duration of session is 60-90 minutes.

Please keep in mind that intuitive messages can come in from your spiritual team, angels, and more. The physical body can feel energy in many ways so please keep in mind that different sensations can occur during a session, but this is just the energy of the crystal coming to help your expansion in this lifetime. Some sensations can be warmth in the body, chills on the skin, slight pressure being released from the hands or feet, and more.

Crystal Therapy Session

“The principle of life is the soul, without it, there is only matter that decays. The soul attaches consciousness to matter, imprinting consciousness energy to physical matter. Love is the primary unit of life, hate is the primary negative unit of life”

- Marcel Vogel