QHHT Session

QHHT is an abbreviation for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon over the span of her 45-year career. Hypnosis itself is a very natural state of being and during this session we work in the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. In this deep and relaxed state of hypnosis, you can journey and explore past lives or other lives.

As well as connecting with the subconscious or the SC as Dolores would call it. The Subconscious had stated to Dolores that it does not care what we call it, it simply ‘Is’ and is willing to work with those with a pure heart and true intent. QHHT allows for all people of any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with what she called the Subconscious, since it resides beyond the conscious mind.

What are some of the benefits of a QHHT Session?

  • Receive answers, guidance, and clarity around your health, profession, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

  • Feel relief of emotional and physical ailments.

  • Connect and explore your subconscious mind.

  • Aligning with our higher self on a more intimate level.

  • Expanding your conscious mind and heart.

Session Details

Session is only offered in person.

Please keep in mind that this service is not offered through my booking system at this time. Email me using the contact page in order to book a QHHT session with me.

The session as a whole can last anywhere between 4-6 hours, this includes our discussion portion of session. So please clear your day to allow yourself the luxury of feeling relaxed and at ease with this being the only thing to do on your list that day. I highly recommend coming in with an open heart and mind to this experience. Before your session, please prepare a written list of 10 - 15 questions that can pertain to different areas of your life. As well as any health issues that you may be experiencing. You do not need to share what the name of the ailments are but please describe how they feel and show up for you.

Examples of questions:

  • What is my soul’s purpose in this lifetime?

  • Am I on the right path career wise? If not, which path is the right one for me?

  • What are my gifts? And how can I best use them in this current lifetime?

  • What Karma am I working on?

  • Am I holding onto anything from another lifetime that is no longer serving me in this one that can be released or resolved?

  • How can I overcome fear/insecurity (insert any other feeling) when it comes to these areas of my life:

    • Taking a chance and learning something new.

    • Letting go of what does not serve me.

    • Change in areas like my job, home, relationships, my money mindset, and etc.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the QHHT session we had, you helped me unlock parts of my past that have been hidden deep down inside for many years. Not only allowing me to open up and express what I went through but what I was going through in the present. You helped me dig into situations I was facing and allow my guides to help guide me through. One situation in particular that I struggled with and needed closure finally came to fruition."

- Stella Grijalva


My experience with Lizzie during multiple Reiki Sessions, one past life regression & a crystal clearing is that she has the Gift. Her energy is true & pure radiance, makes you just pour out anything you need to speak of and let go. She gives peace with her words & allows me to be myself. Her space is sacred & makes it very easy to get comfortable. She is very intuitive & in-tune with the energies around her which makes it easy for her to pick up on things that need to catch our attention. From having other Reiki Sessions done by other practitioners, Lizzie’s style is very rooted in Love, relaxation & comfortable expression of what’s going on with you at the moment, which I love! It’s like getting life therapy & energy work done on our body all at once lol. Every session I have had with Lizzie, I have left feeling better, more aligned, and more attuned to my most authentic self. She is a true gift that holds space for us to heal, to let go, & realign ourselves to keep moving forward in our busy life journey. She is a great friend & healer to have around, I am very thankful for our expansive sessions.

-Teresa Lagunas